On Upela.com, you can compare the proposals by the leaders in world express shipping (DHLFedEx and UPS) and send your documents, parcels or pallets in a few simple clicks. Generous discounts are available with the shipping companies: as much as -75% for businesses compared to public prices.

Upela.com centralizes the offers made by the express shipping leaders enabling business or private customers to reduce routing times and save money while doing so. By creating a free account, business or private customers get access to innovative tools enabling them to manage their shipments easily every day: deferred paymentshipping by the simple import of an Excel spreadsheete-commerce module for Prestashop, etc.

Upela.com was designed to gain time for the user at every step of his shipment. All additional expenses and taxes (excluding customs duties) are included in the proposed price: the customer never has an unpleasant surprise when his order is finalized.

More than 220 destinations are accessible for import and export services. Parcels are collected from your home and delivered directly to your recipient' s home (or business address).